Asia's New Little Dragons
The Dynamic Emergence of
Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia

1991 by Steven Schlossstein
370 pages, Contemporary Books
(Source notes, Bibliography, Index)
ISBN 0-8092-4038-6

"Schlossstein's optimism for bringing about change is infectious.
     - Publisher's Weekly

"This important book defines the nature of our competition with Japan more bluntly and directly than any other.
     - The New York Times

"Schlossstein provides a valuable and highly readable overview of the strengths and weaknesses of three countries that will play an increasingly important role in the world economy. While ultimately optimistic, the author does point out that all three face serious obstacles that could impede their progress.
     - Far Eastern Economic Review

"A huge, fascinating book, rife with noteworthy policy suggestions.
     - Booklist

"A critically important book that belongs on every nightstand.
     - The West Coast Review of Books

"Are more economic miracles possible? That is the question posed expertly by East Asian expert Steven Schlossstein.
     - Time

"Schlossstein accurately depicts East Asia as the world's most dynamic and vibrant economic sector.
     - Boston Globe

"Schlossstein has produced a reference work in prose form on how to begin a new American century by chronicling the dynamism on the other side of the Pacific.
     - The Dallas Morning News

"This book isn't snack food. It's a multicultural, multi-course feast with plenty to digest.
     - Chicago Sun-Times

"Asia's new 'little dragons' are poised to set the world on fire.
     -The Times of Trenton