The Jangxi Virus
A novel of bioterror

2002 by Steven Schlossstein
335 pages, Stratford Books
ISBN 0-962-7060-2-7

First the West Nile virus hit New York. People said it was a curse from Saddam Hussein.

Then the postman brought anthrax in the mail, right after the Arab suicide bombers struck on September 11. So Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda terrorist network became the FBI's prime suspects.

But when the rogue Col. Fu Barxu launches his own bioterror attack on America by infecting 283 passengers on a commercial jet headed straight from Shanghai to Newark, he uses a lethal avian virus that's been cloned in a covert lab in Jiangxi province to masquerade as flu. The Centers for Disease Control put their top disease detective, Dr. Ellen Chou, on the case.

The first Asian-American to head the CDC's elite Division of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Ellen not only has to fight an unknown and invisible enemy. She also has to battle an entrenched White House, a recalcitrant Congress, and a small army of entrenched bureaucrats in our own Federal bureaucracy.

Because this time, the threat is not from the Middle East.

It's from China.