The Jangxi Virus
A novel of bioterror

2002 by Steven Schlossstein
335 pages, Stratford Books
ISBN 0-962-7060-2-7

"Schlossstein's views on the coming clash of values between China and the United States are right on target."
     - Dr. Samuel Huntington, Harvard University; author of The Clash of Civilizations

"Not for the faint of heart, The Jiangxi Virus is a gripping and highly recommended read from first page to last."
     - Midwest Book Review

"The Jiangxi Virus is certainly relevant ... and focuses on the complex issues that our epidemiologists and staff have to confront when they deal with bioterrorism."
     - Dr. Julie L. Gerberding, MD and Director, CDC

"Schlossstein has created a chillingly plausible bioterror scenario."
     - The Trenton Times

"The technical aspects of The Jiangxi Virus creation and deployment are Clancy-esque in their detail and scope."
     - The Book Reader

"The Jiangxi Virus makes some genuinely perceptive observations about the politics of American public health policy as well as about the economic and political threat China poses both mid- and long-term."
     - The Dallas Morning News

"Schlossstein shows that the Federal bureaucracy can often be a more daunting foe than any virus."
     - Dr. Keiji Fukuda, Senior Epidemiologist, CDC

"The Jiangxi Virus is a great read. It deserves a huge audience."
     - Dr. Murray Weidenbaum, Distinguished Professor of Economics,
       Washington University, St. Louis, and former chairman,
       President's Council of Economic Advisors, Washington

"The Jiangxi Virus is an easy and enjoyable read, but if such a virus were ever released — man-made or natural — it would be a catastrophe for the world."
     - Dr. Robert Webster, MD, Senior Virologist, St. Jude Research Hospital, Memphis