The Sword Master

© 1983 by Steven Schlossstein
330 pages, Congdon & Weed
ISBN 0-86553-089-0
ISBN 0-312-92404-6 (St. Martin's Press)

"A fast-paced tale of espionage that pits Silicon Valley against Japan, Inc., in the high-stakes world of electronics competition."
     - The New York Times

"Schlossstein has lived in Japan and speaks its language. He knows the place and its culture. He has got all the particulars right."
     -The Asian Wall Street Journal

"A fine first novel. It is engrossing; it is exciting; and in places it is a real "can't-put-it-down" thriller that can hold its own with a Matarese Circle or a John Le Carr³ romp through Eastern Europe.
     - The Dallas Morning News

"An absorbing effort on a timely topic — the battle between Japan and the West for industrial and economic dominance. It has well-drawn characters, realistic dialogue, a mix of Japanese legend, history, and mentality, and, in the Michael Crichton tradition, a fascinating look at the world of high technology."
     - Library Journal

"A first novel, Kensei is not just a thrill ride but has much solid stuff on Japanese history and culture. A real page-turner!"
     - The Trenton Times

"Schlossstein imparts a sense of Japanese culture and — if his tale is to be believed — the Japanese distrust of foreigners. This first novel will appeal to the Shogun crowd."
     - Booklist

"Calculation. Domination. Elimination. The Samurai code for total victory in the war on America."
     - From the Avon paperback bestseller.