Trade War
Greed, Power and Industrial Policy
on Opposite Sides of the Pacific

© 1985 by Steven Schlossstein
296 pages, Congdon & Weed
(Source notes, Bibliography, Index)
ISBN 0-86553-152-8
ISBN 0-312-92824-6 (St. Martin's Press)

"Studded with fact, figures, and history, Trade War is a brisk, sassy examination of the US-Japan trade spats. Its crisp, pep-talk prose presents a well-stated and balanced guide to the conflict.”
     - The Wall Street Journal

–While many books on the US-Japan conflict have surfaced, Trade War is the one I especially recommend. It is a uniquely written book, and Schlossstein has done more than anyone else in shedding new light on our mutual misunderstandings and national perspectives.”
     - Norio Ohga, former President, Sony Corporation

"This eminently sensible, well-written book should become a national bestseller to replace In Search of Excellence.”
     - The Dallas Times Herald

"Do not be misled by Steve Schlossstein's breezy style. He knows both Japan and the United States and has thought deeply about their trade problems.”
     - Dr. Charles Kindleberger, professor emeritus, MIT

"Unabashed success tale! It may be the best introduction to the subject of US-Japan trade yet published. Not only is it pithy, succinct, and compulsively readable, it is also impressively thorough.”
     - Los Angeles Times

"Trade War is a must book on a forbidden topic. It is essential reading for anyone who cares about America's competitive position in the world today.”
     - Dr. Amitai Etzioni, author of An Immodest Agenda

"A clear account of contrasting policies. The author has produced real theater and an exceptional writing technique.”
     - The New York Times

"An intelligent exposition of Japanese-American trade relations that is lively, well written, and provides some useful thoughts on future strategy.”
     - Adam Smith, author of The Money Game and Supermoney