The Japanese Godfather

1990 by Steven Schlossstein
310 pages, Stratford Books
ISBN 0-962-7060-1-9

From the depths of cultural isolation as a young boy in a village of outcastes on the desolate island of Shikoku, Fumio Kosaka rises through the ranks of the Sumikawa Gumi, Japan's largest and most powerful criminal clan and the only real family he has ever had, stopping at nothing until he becomes The Japanese Godfather.

San Francisco detective Jack Spencer tries to stop the yakuza with an all out attack on the Japanese mafia's cunning strategy in California. Aided by a deceptively beautiful Japanese-American lover, Kathy Tanaka, Spencer unravels the clues left by a series of mysterious and unsolved murders that point initially to a Chinese triad - the Sin Siang Tong - and the street gangs of Chinatown. But he is led inevitably back to Fumio Kosaka and his dominant Sumikawa Gumi, the Machiavellian yakuza.

The yakuza's domination of invisible overseas markets in extortion, gun smuggling, and drugs will come as no surprise to those who know the competitive rivalry of a Japan that seeks to dominate and control the more visible markets of business and finance. This action-packed adventure takes you behind the scenes of the Lockheed scandal of the 1970s, behind the Recruit scandal of the 1980s, behind the powerful money-politics of modern-day Japan.

And the climactic confrontation between Jack Spencer and his brilliant Japanese adversary is a classic philosophical clash between East and West, when our American hero comes face-to-face with the most powerful underworld leader the world has ever known.

Fumio Kosaka. The Japanese Godfather. Yakuza.